World's Funniest Animal Photo Competition Sells 2022 Calendar

Did you know that the world's funniest animal photo competition produces calendars featuring their finalists?

That's right; the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have their very own calendar - and so does their sister competition, the Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

I spoke to Michelle Woods of the Comedy Wildlife and Comedy Pet Photo Awards about this years calendars and her thoughts in the 2021 finalists.

Hi Michelle, how did you come up with the idea to do competition calendars?

We were approached about four years ago to do calendars. Most photography competitions do calendars because they're visual and people want to have them on their walls.

We sell prints from the competition but the calendars are a much more affordable way for people to have 12 decent sized images on their walls.

Actually, the new ones have just gone on sale, the 2022 ones.

The company that produces the calendars have just started to make noise about the finalists that have come out this year, the 2021 finalists, asking for them for the next calendar.

So, how do you choose the 12 photos for each calendar?

There's a few things that we have to bear in mind: the size of the file.

For the pet competition, a lot of the images are shot on a phone so some of them aren't big enough to go on a calendar. It's print so it has to be a high-resolution image.

For the wildlife competition, there's more photographers who enter and they usually have the original and the TIFFs. That's the first thing.

Then it's making sure we have a good selection of species in both of them. For the wildlife we try to cover as many different locations, habitats, and species to make sure it's not all lions or whatever.

The overall winner is usually in there, not necessarily on the cover but the winner is usually in there because that's the most popular.

We have ten highly recommended and they're normally in there, too.

It's also working out what will crop into a square.

There was a really great image last year of a penguin puking. It's a beautiful image, and the colour is amazing. It's so funny and it looks amazing as a print but it couldn't be cropped for the calendar.

“I could puke” - Christina Holfelder - CWPA 2020 Finalist

The calendar company also have a say because they know what sells.

You said the calendar is very popular. How many are you hoping to sell this year?

We were still selling 2021 calendars in March because people still buy them even though they've missed two months.

Hopefully, we sell thousands. That would be amazing. It probably will run into the thousands but we won't know yet.

We're also with a new calendar company for 2022 and they've got new distribution channels so we are slightly in the dark as to how that's going to go and the market has changed because of COVID.

Who knows? Fingers crossed that it does really well, and the competition has grown so hopefully more people see it than last year.

We get lots of emails asking when the calendar is coming out, which is lovely.

We hope to sell a lot and we give 10% of that revenue to our charities so it's always nice to have a good sales report.

Hopefully they can spread a bit of smile around the world. The main thing is to promote the competition and get the conservation message for the wildlife out there.

You can buy your 2022 calendar using the links below, and help support their charities.

Click here to buy the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Calendar and support Save Wild Orangutans

Click here to buy the Comedy Pet Photo Awards Calendar and support Animals Support Angels

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