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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Highlighting women in an otherwise male-dominated industry, The Photography Show launched the female empowering campaign, Women Who Photo and Film, back in 2018.

Marketing Manager, Alex Robinson, said that with the campaign, their aim is "to shine a light on some amazing female photographers and filmmakers in a male-dominated industry."

Evolving each year, Women Who Photo and Film encourage women to "shout about their work and their passion, whilst inspiring other women to get creating with these art mediums."

Partnering with different groups of women each year, all of whom come from different backgrounds, are at different stages of their careers, and specialise in different areas of photography and filmmaking, the campaign had its first dedicated session during the September 2020 virtual event.

"We aim to include as diverse a group of women as possible, in terms of career stage, specialism, and background as well as age, ethnic background, etc, to represent all women and help anyone who sees the campaign to feel included.

"All of our ambassadors are passionate about supporting other women, sharing their knowledge and providing help and advice to give them the confidence to take the next step on their photography or filmmaking journey."

Acknowledging that large events, such as The Photography Show, can be daunting for women due to its predominantly male audience, the event aims to make the show friendly and welcoming for all.

"It's really important for girls and women to see women take centre stage at events like The Photography Show & The Video Show, where the industry is male-dominated. It helps to encourage them, making them feel supported and represented - this is why we aim to increase the diversity of our speakers each year."

The campaign runs outside of the scheduled Photography Show dates, with Facebook and Instagram lives with the ambassadors and other standalone events.

With the session featuring 21 women, each ambassador had her own story to tell, and are passionate about supporting other women, including SheClicks founder, Angela Nicholson.

Angela - who created the women’s only community after noticing that women weren’t being featured in magazines as regularly as men - was clearly a perfect fit for the female-empowering campaign.

“I wanted to do something to try and encourage, educate, and support female photographers.”

Angela noticed that women were more likely to be part of a group if it was online after finding out that a third of The Photography Show’s Facebook following were women back in 2018.

“At that time, if you go to The Photography Show, there was no way that a third of the people there were women: it was a lot more male-centric.”

This revelation showed Angela that women are more inclined to social media and networking, so she decided to create SheClicks on Facebook.

Just a few short weeks after the launch of SheClicks on August 5 2018, Angela gained over 1000 members, so she began hosting webinars, showcasing the fact that women can teach photography and be amazing photographers.

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