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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

With the perfect model living in her own home, Elke Vogelsang found her passion for photography in Noodles the dog fourteen years ago.

Delving deeper into photography to relieve the stress of caring for her mother-in-law with dementia, Elke planned to start a picture-a-day project from January 1 2010.

"Shortly before this, at Christmas 2009, I found my husband unconscious in the bathtub," Elke recalled.

Elke's husband had suffered a severe brain haemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm, and she said he was found in time thanks to her dogs' Noodles and Scout, who alerted her that there was a problem.

"I decided to start the project despite my husband being in the hospital, or rather because of it. I wanted to try to keep up a bit of normality and have something like a visual diary for my husband while he was in an induced coma."

Her dogs provided Elke with an appreciated distraction as they often ended up in front of the camera.

Now, with almost ten years of experience being a registered business, Elke works full-time as an animal portrait photographer and has accomplished some amazing things.

Elke won the Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year 2020 title, participated in The Photography Show's March virtual event, and even has two books out - Nice Nosing You, and Workshop Hundefotografie.

"It was super exciting; I feel very honoured," Elke said about being asked to participate in The Photography Show.

Elke's pup portraits are on social media under @wieselblitz, and she even has an Instagram for cat portraits @wieselcats.

Elke shoots with Fujifilm X cameras, favouriting the X-T3 for commercial and editorial work. For outdoor shots, she opts to use prime lenses, and the Fujinon 16-55 when indoors. "I use it in the wide-angle range for some funny shots and at around 55mm for more elegant portraits.

"Being able to spend my time with photography and animals is a dream come true."

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