Using leaves to create amazing photos this Autumn.

It's almost Autumn, and we love the beautiful aesthetic of cosy scenes and shades of orange.

Whether leaves fill up your background, are the main subject, or are falling from the sky, autumn leaves are a beautiful photographic prop.

Try out different ways to photograph autumn leaves this year from using a lightbox, a Wimberley Plamp to keep everything steady, or just shooting things as you see them.

You can even buy artificial autumn leaves!

Photo by Allec Gomes

This stunning photo of a brown autumnal leaf on a black background was photographed by Allec Gomes from Pexels.

Its an interesting way to photograph autumn indoors and especially great for studio or product photographers.

Photo by Lilartsy

This shot was taken by Lilartsy and just screams autumn photography - and not just because there's a camera in the shot!

Lilartsy used a Nikon D5200 camera for this image and has her exposure set at ISO 100, and f/1.8.

Photo by Mitch Kesler

An absolute favourite of mine from Pexels is this amazing photo by Mitch Kesler.

This beautiful photo taken with an ILCE-6000, features a young child with her hair being blown back as autumn leaves with heart-shaped cut outs dance around her.

Yaroslav Shuraev

This stunning landscape photo was taken by Yaroslav Shuraev.

The orange leaf border only adds to the beauty of the shot and separates this shot from other landscape images.

Having the leaves out of focus but still a huge part of the image is a great idea, executed perfectly by Monstera, aka Gabby K.

This photo, taken with a Canon EOS R, celebrates Halloween and Autumn nature.

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