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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Growing up with a photographer for a father, it's no surprise that Robert Tysall grew up to be a professional and successful photographer himself.

"With my dad being a photographer, he encouraged my brother and I. He bought us a camera each when we were about eight or nine back in the 1960s."

With his basic Kodak camera - with flash capabilities - and the encouragement of his father, Robert grew serious about photography in his teens years, accompanying his father at photography gigs (at weddings and events), and eventually buying himself a Chinon camera to further explore the world of photography.

"I then realised it would be advantageous to go to college and go down that route. This also gave me the confidence to stand by the side of my dad and take some photographs that he would appreciate."

For several years, Robert worked as a "freelance photographer for magazines, providing the photos to illustrate articles; as well as doing weddings and portraits."

These days Robert owns the Nuneaton-based Tysall's Photography, founding the business after his father retired from the co-owner Tysall and Garratt Photography.

"He retired and I moved to another town and decided to open a new branch of Tysall's Photography in Nuneaton."

Enjoying a “continuous variety of things” to photograph, Robert has photographed “some amazingly interesting photoshoots over the years” (including taking photographs from the nose of an aeroplane, from the sides of ships, dangled upside-down in tanks, and from inside cages with wild animals), and doesn’t have a preference over what he’s paid to photograph. Of course, he specialises in weddings and portraiture, which can always prove a challenge - and a photographer must always be prepared for a challenge.

“I understand that life is hard and people try to get the best deal that they can,” Robert said regarding the importance of a professional photographer at a wedding. “I have heard of many horror stories where their precious photographs are lost due to unfortunate circumstances or the incompetence of the photographer. Times have changed so much of the last 20 years that a lot more people have turned to photographer as a second job - or even a first job and assume that by undercutting other photographers they will get the work. This may be the case but there is more to this kind of photography than just clicking the camera.”

Robert tends to plan for a wedding shoot by driving out to new venues to “familiarise myself with the route and the layout of the venue; and if possible talk to the person in charge of the event.” He also likes to meet the couple to deliver to them a written plan of the shots they might want, and to get an idea of what they want. Finally, he always keeps an eye on the weather forecast.

Robert enjoys his career as it has allowed him to be his own boss, and see his work published in magazines, and witness the joy his photography brings to people.

Whilst he doesn’t have any particular photographers that influence or inspire him, he feels that if he can achieve the same outcome as his father when he was taking photographs, he’s doing the right thing.

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