Behold: Twitter crop is gone!

Artists and photographers alike were over the moon to discover the Twitter crop is now gone.

Before, Twitter would automatically crop posted photos into a 2:1 aspect ratio, effectively ruining the experience of artists and photographers sharing square or portrait pictures, with some users saying it ruined their art browsing experience.

As of May 5, the Twitter crop has been removed and photos can be seen in full and ‘Twitter Crop’ quickly started trending on the platform.

"I wholeheartedly celebrate it," says London-based fashion and portrait photographer Kid Circus.

"Honestly, that auto cropping used to drive me mad."

When uploading a photo, Twitter users are able to click on their image and edit the crop. Photos in the typical aspect ratio - such as 16:9 - can be automatically posted with no crop.

"No bird too tall, no crop too short," Twitter wrote in their announcement tweet.

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