Top Five Film Cameras

Film may be a dying art but it’s still a great skill for any photographer to have. Here we have our five top film cameras of all time.

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The Olympus OM-1

The Olympus OM-1 makes this list for being the perfect on-a-budget purchase. This camera has incredible quality, and a lightweight, compact body.

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Minolta X-700

It wouldn’t be right to include a Minolta in a list of best film cameras. The X-700 is the best Minolta on the consumer market with it’s fully automatic and manual modes and for having one of the best and brightest in the film market. The only reason this camera isn’t higher on the list is due to it’s lack of lens selection.

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Nikon FM2

This camera is basically the ideal film camera with its amazing shutter speed versatility, accurate metering, and mechanical shutter. With the FM2 being more than straightforward and a clean-cut camera, the possibilities are basically endless.

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Canon AE-1

This affordable SLR camera is one of the most well-known 35mm film camera ever made. It’s fame is probably due to it bridging the gap between hardcore photo professionals and hobbyists. Of course, Canon is famous in its own right but this camera is perfect for being sturdy and reliable for a great price.

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Leica M6

The Leica M6 gets the top spot for being part of a frankly legendary M-P series. With two distinctive models - the M6 and the M6TTL, both with TTL metering - this camera is easy to use, even for photography novices. It is no wonder it’s one of the most highly sought cameras of all time. Despite being the most expensive on the list, there’s no argument that it is worth every penny.

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