Tomorrow X Comedy Wildlife

A brand-new collaborative clothing collection between Tomorrow Creates and the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has been released this week (Saturday December 4).

With t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, and tote bags inspired by images by Comedy Wildlife’s Mark Fitzpatrick, Wenona Suydam, Dirk Jan Steehouwer, Jean-Jacques Alacalay, Barb D’arpino, and Joshua Galecki, this new clothing range is out just in time for Christmas.

“Our thinking when approached by Comedy Wildlife Photo for this project was to find the connection between understanding animals and engaging with them as inhabitants of the same planet,” said a spokesperson for Tomorrow Creates.

“Through the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, viewers can enjoy the animals captured in the images and recognise the value, too. There are no barriers to understand or taboos to be negotiated. These images, and our collection, are to encourage engagement with global conservation and preservation of the biodiversity of our planet.”

50% of the proceeds are shared with the Comedy Wildlife awards to help support their mission of conserving wildlife.

Tomorrow Creates produces organic and recycled garments, with everything made-to-order to help eliminate waste.

Order before December 10 to receive your Tomorrow X Comedy Wildlife delivery in time for Christmas.

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