The Tallest Tripod

Drones in photography aren’t exactly new, but they still offer a unique bird’s eye view angle that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Seeing the world from above is a metamorphic experience. The trees no longer tower over us as we fly high above them.

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that anyone can pilot using a remote control. A lot of drones has a camera installed in it these days so you can actually see what your drone sees, giving photographers a new artistic edge.

I remember going down to an old cricket field with my dad and the dog when he first got a drone, just the latest of many gadgets he’d probably get bored off by the end of the week. He was so proud to show off his latest gadget to me. “This would be perfect for your photography, Jade,” he’d say to me as he removed his large backpack and assembled the ‘Parrot Bebop 2’.

He then showed me how the controller connects with your phone so you can view exactly what the drone sees, and if you’re extra nerdy, you can use virtual reality to feel as if you’re actually flying.

Then, to my horror, he handed me the controls. I was absolutely certain I was going to fly it straight into a tree.

I actually learned the controls pretty quick despite sending it the wrong way a few

times. It even has a ‘home’ button so that it returns to the place it started from!

I enjoyed that it gave you the option to take a photo or a video while the drone was airborne so I could capture shots that I would never be able to have taken before.

Personally, I think drones are a great way of expanding your photographic experience. A drone provides you with a unique angle that you just can’t get on the ground with your tripod.

Despite every time the controller was handed to someone new and they waved their hands in nervous refusal, insisting that they’d crash it, the only person who ever crashed it was the supposed expert; my dad.

But if he can fly it, anyone can.

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