The Mighty Mirrorless

Mirrorless cameras are all the rage in photography today. They're becoming more and more popular with photographers with their slimmer, lighter bodies and super high-quality display.

The fujifilm's mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X-T3, came out in September 2018, promising a new standard in mirrorless cameras.

Fujifilm promised a "high performance premium camera that will become an inseparable partner in your artistic journey." They also promised that the camera "has been designed to completely satisfy all your photography and videography needs."

But did it deliver?

One Reddit user, said: "Eye priority af is amazing and the first time since moving from manual focus with any body that I trust anything other than center point af focus-recompose method. It's fast, weather sealed, solid as a rock, and the best option for being future proof since it'll get firmware updates for the longest."

Another said: "The X-T3 is a speedy, competent camera with tons of power and buckets of quality. It's better in low light than I expected, focuses much faster than the DSLR I used previously, eye focus is brilliant in the new firmware, and everything just feels so good.

"Occasionally I find that I didn't press the shutter hard enough to stop recording so my video clip is longer than necessary. Biggest complaint I have. If I could only have one camera right now it would be the X-T3."

The X-T3 mirrorless - and mirrorless cameras in general - live up to the expectation and are considered the future of photography with their extra features, and more compact body.

Despite having smaller sensors, fewer accessories when compared to DSLR, and tend to be more fragile due to it's small nature, the mirrorless camera more than makes up for these with it's lens adaptability, choice of model, electronic viewfinders, and it's portability and weight.

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