The Great British Photography Challenge

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

And we're off! The Great British Photography Challenge has begun.

With it's first episode premiering on Monday 24th May at 9pm on BBC Four, we got to meet the six photographers competing to build the best portfolio for the end-of-show exhibition and win overall.

"The search is on to find a new name in British photography," says British fashion photographer, Rankin.

Rankin serves as host of the four-week show and mentor to the photographers on their journey.

Each week the contestants must participate in three photo challenged and will be critiqued on their final edits.

For the first week, the UK-based photographers were challenged with photographing the beach, nature, and British actress Anna Friel.

Rankin was sorely "disappointed" in the photographers attempts to photograph the Brighton seafront, saying "don't give me a postcard, give me something that's going to stand out."

However, things quickly picked up when the contestants took a trip in the New Forest with Chris Packham for their nature assignment. Rankin told Jackson he'd done "a pretty good job" on his badger skull photo and said he "really liked" Chelsea's miniature world photo.

With Rankin stating that he couldn't tell who was going to do well in the series but he's looking for a photographer that doesn't just know how to click the shutter release, the competitors start the third and final challenge of the episode: fashion portraiture - Rankin's specialty.

With the final challenge being Rankin's specialty, the pressure's on and he's even brought along celebrity Anna Friel to model in case they weren't nervous enough.

Impossible to get a bad photo of Anna Friel, all six photographers did very well, and Rankin's favourite photo of the week was Ali's fashion photo.

Tune in next week (Monday, May 31) to see how the six photographers get on with the next three challenges!

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