The D Word

If there's one thing I take away from my photography classes in college, it's that the D-word is forbidden!

The D-word, or the delete button on the camera, should never be used. Never, ever delete an image you haven't seen on your computer. Never delete an image you think isn't good enough or your muse is just out of shot; it may just be better than you thought. Sometimes, the photos we take by mistake or at the wrong time might just be your best photo of the entire shoot.

There have been plenty of times I deleted a photo because the muse is just out of frame but looking back, realised it was still a very cool picture.

Of course, if a photo is blurry, or the exposure is all wrong, there may not be much point in keeping a photo but always look through all of your photos, see if incorrectly exposed images are fixable or if Photoshop can save the day, before you even think about using the D-word.

Remember, if you’re running out of storage space, buy more! Don’t delete your precious photos.

So, always remember, whether you’re on a photoshoot, editing your photos, or running out of storage space: stop using that D-word!

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