Support Your Local Camera Shop

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

With the rise of smartphone photography as well as online shops, people feel they just don’t have the time or need to visit an actual camera shop.

A lot of people nowadays believe that online shopping is the way to go due to it being much more convenient as you can find the equipment you want with ease while you wait for your lasagne to cook.

However, local stores provide a service that you just can’t get with computerised stores.

A lot of the time, stores have special deals on products that are only available in-store, so you could be missing out on a nice deal because you would rather stay at home and wait god knows how long for it to arrive by post. But hey, it means longer snuggled up in front of the television, right?

These days, fewer camera shops offer darkroom services to develop film prints due to its lack of popularity in the 21st Century.

Cameras are not cheap and it probably isn't the wisest idea to buy a camera online if you haven't even seen it yet. Yes, the prices online and in the camera shop are a big part of this decision, supporting the local guys benefits you, too.

Photography enthusiast, Darin Schaffer, said: "If I was spending over £1000 on a new lens, my need to handle it before I plopped down that much cash would probably outweigh my eternal need for the best deal."

Photographers should always visit their local camera shop, get advice from the staff and have a feel of the cameras in-store.

The staff are well-versed in knowing which cameras are best for different types of photographers, from professionals to amateurs to portraitures to sports, the camera you buy is important and the decision should not be taken lightly.

It's a good idea to go to the camera store to hold the cameras so you see how it fits in your hand. If you need a light camera, you get to actually hold them before you purchase.

Cameras are not cheap, especially not new ones, but local stores provide honest, professional advice and the chance to actually see the product before purchase.

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