Sony FX3 - the best video camera Sony has to offer

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

New addition to the camera shops this month (March) is the Sony FX3 with stunning 4k video and 10.2MP.

Sam Pilling holding the Sony FX3

Technical product manager of Sony, Sam Pilling, introduced the new camera at The Photography Show' virtual event and couldn't have sold it any better.

Constantly praising the fantastic high-quality video capabilities of the 35mm full-frame camera, Sam said: "It's an absolute powerhouse."

With 120fps with 4k video or 240fps with HD, the small camera can also reach an ISO of 102,000 making it perfect for low-light filming.

"It is incredibly small but has incredible video-capturing power."

The Sony FX8 battery life allows approximately 95 minutes actual recording and 135 minutes continuous recording

The top of the camera is also designed to take a too handle with an XLR microphone adapter, perfect for studio shooting.

The camera is even perfect for vloggers with it's 180 degree screen.

Who wouldn't want a small video camera with all that power? It fits right in your handbag and can produce high-quality, high-frame footage

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