Shooting With Colour Gels

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Colour, like light, is something every photographer should take time to study and experiment with.

I did just that for the first time this year as I grabbed my camera and a tube of gels and headed to the photography studio.

I learned very quickly I prefer to use a black background with the gels as opposed to a white background as the effects given are very different.

With a white background, the best effect is to put the lighting directly behind the model so just the wall is lit up with vibrant colours while the black background is more suitable for adding different colours to the model.

With my gels, I was able to change the colour of my ambient light to whatever I desired, from green, to pink, to simultaneously blue and red!

My next challenge will be to use the white background to change the colour of the background while keeping the model natural yet still well lit.

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