Royal Photographic Society Announces Photographers in 163rd International Photography Exhibition

In it's 163rd year, the International Photography Exhibition will take place at the Royal Photographic Society Gallery in Bristol from April 16 to July 3 2022.

The exhibition, IPE 163, is described as 'a powerful exhibition that demonstrates the breadth of contemporary image-making and storytelling today.'

IPE 163 will explore the themes of cultural heritage, identity, gender politics, mental health, global societal issues, the natural world, and the human condition.

Chosen anonymously, the selected photographs were chosen out of 8000 images from 114 countries.

A total of 105 works by 57 photographers will be displayed at the gallery in Bristol.

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Here are a few of the images set to be on display.

Julia Fullerton-Batten, Maddison and Family, Lockdown Day 386

Yushi Li, The Feast, inside, from the series Paintings, Dreams and Love

Àsìkò, Spirit in the room, from the series Manifestations.

Lina Geoushy, Walking Home, from the series Shame Less

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