Printing with the Instax Mini Link App for Nintendo Switch

It's been just over two weeks since Instax released their latest app for their Mini Link printer (April 30). The new app 'Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch' has the ability to link to your Nintendo Switch to directly print off your gaming screenshots.

If, like me, you also bought New Pokémon Snaps - which was also released on April 30 - and you've been having a week of fun discovering new Pokémon and chucking apples at them for new reactions, you've probably got a few dozen photos you're in love with.

With the Instax Mini Link App for Nintendo Switch, I've been able to take my favourite photos from the game and print them with my Instax Mini Link.

Admittedly, at times it was very frustrating to get the Direct Switch Print feature working as my phone absolutely refused to connect to the Switch's Wi-Fi from the app, I enjoyed looking at all the new filters on the app.

Whilst for me, it is a waste of Instax paper to print off all your favourite Pokémon snaps and Animal Crossing screenshots, a few of them will make it onto my photo wall.

For huge fans of Pokémon, Instax users can also use the app to print off all the Pokémon they find a create their own Pokédex folder!

Of course the snaps you print don't have to be Nintendo Switch captures; you can use the app to turn your dad into Mario with the hat and moustache filter, and have fun printing your favourite holiday photos with Tom Nook and Isabelle by your side.

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