Priceless Pets: Comedy Pet Photo Winners Announced

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The winners of the 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards has been announced (Nov 24) and the photos are hilariously amazing.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards - officially partnered with Mars Petcare - called on pet owners and animal lovers during the summer to submit their funniest photos of their furry friends.

Aiming to showcase the “incredibly positive impact that pets have on our lives”, the competition also wants to spread the message of competition’s sponsor’s Mars Petcare’s mission of “Ending Pet Homelessness.”

The competition and official partner are also raising funds for pet welfare by donating 10% of the sponsorship fee and 10% of all entry frees (£5 for five photos/video or £10 for 15) to Blue Cross, a national pet charity. The funds provided to them by this competition will help them with their work rehoming pets and providing veterinary treatments and care.

The competition’s press release said: “At a time when most of the nation was spending more time with their pets than ever, the competition saw pet lovers across the world capturing funny moments with their much-loved pets.”

Overall winner of the competition, Elke Vogelsang said “it’s wonderful to be associated with something that makes people happy. This dog definitely is a mood-lifter. Happy to share her funny, gorgeous face with the world.”

Top Dog - Elke's photo of Noodles wins overall!

The winning dog named Noodles - a Galgo Espanol mix breed - rescued by Elke’s family from a kill shelter in Spain, making this competition close to Elke’s heart.

But not only did Elke save Noodles’ life, Noodles and their other dog, Scout, saved Elke’s husband’s life ten years ago when they alerted her that he was unconscious in the bath, later revealed to have been a severe brain haemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm.

“If it hadn’t been for the dogs, I would have found him too late. Thanks to them and the great doctors he survived, but during the stressful months that followed, I found photography as a creative outlet.”

Honouring her rescue dogs, Elke plans to reinvest a part of her £3000 prize money back into an organisation for pet rescue.

“Our dogs are not only pets, but also family members, muses, friends.”

Tom Sullam, co-founder of the competition says that “the importance of pets in our lives - the positive life affirming friendship that they bring without even realising it is often underestimated and taken for granted.”

Created by the founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the competition is now in it’s second year and are asking for people to “keep those funny pics safe” until the 2021 awards that will be open for entries on April 1st.

Tom Sullam said: “In all the gloom of 2020 the Comedy Pet Awards managed to raise our spirits more than most things.”

Here are the category winners:

Malgorzata Russell - "Why Are You Upside Down Mum?"

The winner of the "Our Fabulous Feline Friends" aka Cat Category is Malgorzata (Gosia) Russell with her photo entitled "Why are you upside down Mum?"

"This our one year old still kitten cat Basil. He is very playful, agile, and loves our garden we used a lot during lockdown. It is our daily morning routine to chase each other around the garden."

Magdalena Strakova - "Gossip Girls"

The winner of the "Mighty Horse" category is Magdalena Strakova's "Gossip Girls" image.

"I was photographing horses in a pasture and these three got together and appeared to have a chat, gossiping like like giggling schoolgirls".

The "Our Best Friends" aka Dog Category, of course, went to Elke Vogelsang with her photo entitled "Guard Dog on Duty".

Elke Vogelsang - "Guard Dog On Duty"

"This is my Noodles. She was rescued from a

Spanish kill-shelter and brought to Germany, where she joined our family when she was eight months old. She is a Spanish sighthound (Galgo Espa) mix, 13 years old now (a bit younger in this picture) and still acting like a pup. She is the clown, sometimes overly motivated and clumsy, the eager-beaver, curious, friendly, open-minded, extremely funny if not unintentionally comic sometimes. As said, she's is the funniest dog you could possibly imagine. Always with her humans, always ready for some mischief and adventures."

Anne Lidner - "Drama Queen"

The "All Other Creatures, Great or Small" Category winner is Anne Lidner with "Drama Queen".

“There is almost nothing more beautiful than to see a hearty yawn of a rabbit.”

The Junior Award Category winner went to Ayden Brooks with his video entitled "Good Morning Fox Mulder!"

Ayden Brooks - "Good Morning, Fox Mulder!"

“Our cat, Fox Mulder, AKA Squishy, Little Squishy Guy, Squishface, Squish, Foxy, loves to spread himself out on his back when he sleeps. He likes to sleep anywhere including in the middle of a room on a rug or even on the wood floor. I love to take photos of him because he is so cute and funny. I caught him as he was waking up from a nap and yawning.”

Hannah Seeger - "Morning Mood"

Finally, the "Pets Who Look Like Their Owner" winner is Hannah Seeger with her image entitled: "Morning Mood".

“Me and my rescue dog really tired in the early morning.”

Highly Commended Images:

If you love the pictures and want to join The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards in helping Blue Cross, you can donate here.

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