The Smartphone Printer Your Imagination Needs

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Polaroid invites you to “say hello to Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3: the next generation portable printer.”

The Hi-Print, which launched on the 24th August, is the first product released by Polaroid since the company reclaimed it’s original name and released the Polaroid Now (a new-and-improved instant camera) back in March.

The Hi-Print is the latest pocket-sized printer for your smartphone snaps with a unique twist. The Hi-Print uses dye-sublimation as opposed to Instax instant film or Zero Ink technology. Dye-sublimation allowed Polaroid to create a printer and special paper-and-ink cartridges.

Polaroid describes the printer as “a new digital Polaroid phone printer with an all-in-one paper cartridge to turn your internet finds into a pocket-sized print you can stick on whatever (or whoever) you like."

With the free Hi-Print app, printing your smartphone photos is simple and easy to do. To pair the Hi-Print to your phone, simple turn the printer on by holding down the power button for one second and connecting the devices via bluetooth. The printer will show up under the name ‘Hi-Print 2x3 - xxxx’.

The Hi-Print can be purchased from the Polaroid website for £81.99 or you can purchase the starter set, consisting of the photo printer and two packs of 2x3 paper cartridges (20 sheets a box) for £109.99.

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