Photoshop now the world’s most advanced AI application

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

As of October 20 2020, Photoshop is now the most advanced AI application for creatives in the world. This is due to he release of their new version of Photoshop that is accessible on desktop and iPad.

This new version introduces five major new artificial intelligence, adding to the already robust Adobe Sensei AI.

The new features include Neural Filters - “a major breakthrough in AI-powered creativity and the beginning of a complete reimagination of filters and image manipulation inside Photoshop” - Sky Replacement, the new Discover panel, and two new Refine Edge Selections (object aware and refine hair) improvements.

The Neural Filters, which is a new workplace inside Photoshop, introduces new "non-destructive" filters to aid you and your creativity.

With the Neural Filters, Photoshop has taken existing features and improved them by reducing the complexity and turning it into a one-click or a couple of sliders using machine learners.

"You can try more creative (and labor-intensive) ideas than ever in the time you booked for your project, and you have all the power of Photoshop when you take your Neural Filters result back to the canvas for final touches."

With Sky Filters, Photoshop has made it faster and easier than ever before to create stunning images by swapping in a new sky. Smarter than ever, Photoshop can now tell the difference between the foreground of a photograph and the sky. "Let the new Sensei-powered, machine-learning models do the masking and blending. You can zoom in and select just a section of sky, or move the sky around to find the right configuration of clouds or colour (or planets) you want.

Imaging scientists have made Refine Edge selections so easy it's basically a one-click operation. The Refine Hair Mode is a convenient little button located in the Options bar. It finds the people in the image and "automagically" refines. The Object Aware Refine Mode takes what was once a difficult process and makes it even faster, even if the foreground and background are similar colours.

Introducing a state-of-the-arts learn and search experience is the new Discover panel. The in-app learn content is hugely expanded, there is a new powerful search functionality, and brand new step-by-step tutorials.

The new Photoshop update is amazing and innovative with tons of other amazing features including livestreaming abilities, iPad accessibility, a document properties panel, preset search, and more!

Creatives are now able to work faster than ever before “so you have way more time to be creative.

Creatives are now able to work faster than ever before “so you have way more time to be creative.”

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