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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Let’s be honest, without a hobby us uni students would probably just stay in binge watching another season of Friends on Netflix and finishing off last nights takeaway.

Admittedly that doesn’t sound like the worst weekend, but there could be a group of real friends and a bunch of experiences waiting beyond the pizza box.

Being in a new city can make you feel like a tourist.

When I am running through Leicester with my camera I still feel like I am on the periphery, despite starting my life at De Montfort University three months ago. I guess I still am despite moving to the city.

It is my hobby which has helped acclimatise me to my new and unfamiliar surroundings. I’ve met a few interesting people along the way too.

I started photography back in 2015 just for something to do. Now I’m living in a strange new place and I have a reason to leave my room and explore the city I live in.

Leicester, like many uni towns and cities, has a deep history and is filled with interesting places people and events to photograph. The university has its own Photography society too, just for the extra bit of motivation to get out and explore.

There are plenty of activities and societies that anybody can join at university.Whether you are a beginner or see yourself as a professional.

There are societies aimed at just linking people up, to make you feel closer to the community. You can meet other like-minded students of your faith or culture with most universities having societies dedicated to these.

You could join a group to discuss your favourite TV show or fandom such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Meeting people who have similar interests and hobbies as you can really improve your time at university and ease the transition from college.

You can join more than one society to maximise your enjoyment (as long as they don’t overlap each other), just make sure they don’t clash with any of your lectures (however tempting it may be to go on a Harry Potter excursion rather than attend your History seminar).

There are tons to choose from, DMU has over 100 societies from Acapella to First Aid , there’s something for everyone.

And guess what, if there’s nothing which tempts you, you can simply make your own society.

Having someone to go on photography trips with has really helped me stick to my plans and get outside more.

With a friend, you aren’t constantly thinking 'there’s always tomorrow, I’ll just do it then'.

Photography societies are great because they give you the chance to meet other photographers and to both teach and learn new things. Studying photography for a year, I thought there couldn’t possibly be that much more to learn but there are always new ways to capture the world around us.

My photography portfolio has expanded a lot during my short time at university due to my curiosity for my new home and making planned photoshoot sessions with my new friends.

Leicester is a beautiful place to photograph, especially in these cold wintry months with all of the Christmas decorations covering the city centre.

The Ferris wheel, the ice skating rink and the many fireworks events have taken place over recent weekends have all been great excuses to get out and experience what Leicester has to offer with my camera.

I find myself outside twice as much I used to purely because I’m too scared to miss out on what Leicester has to offer and eager to get my next great shot.

Although with my camera constantly at my side I will never quite lose the label of tourist.

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