Perfect Photography Christmas Gifts 2021

I may only have a few more gifts to buy as I write this at the beginning of November but it just shows that it's never too early to buy your loved ones - or yourself - the perfect Christmas gift.

Here are my favourite photography gift ideas that I'll be buying myself if nobody else gets me them!

Personalised Wrapping Paper

Whilst not technically a gift, it's still a super fun way to start Christmas. Wrap up your loved ones gifts in wrapping paper full of your fun photoshoots together or your favourite images.

Whether you're the photographer or they are, it's a really thoughtful, creative, and fun idea.

For £4.99 at Funky Pigeon, you can have the best wrapping paper of them all.

Photobook Gift Voucher

If, like me, you have a friend who's obsessed with photobooks, maybe a photobook gift voucher is the way to go.

For the friend who has an extensively large photobook collection, you're not even sure if there's any books left to buy, a voucher can go a long way and a safe bet to avoid buying double copies.

Photobook Junkies offers gift vouchers, ranging from £25 to £100, and sells rare and signed books.

12 Days of Film Calendar

The 12 Days of Film Gift Calendar will be the highlight of any film lovers Christmas day.

With 12 doors to open for the 12 days of Christmas, there are 11 35mm film cannisters and other surprises.

We'd also like to recommend keeping an eye out for the release of the pop-up darkroom by Ilford.

Film Developer Gift Card

Another perfect gift for film photographers is a gift card for film developing.

If your film photographer friend doesn't have their own darkroom - or a pop up darkroom - a film developer gift card is a really thoughtful and useful gift.

Film developer businesses such as Take It Easy Lab is great for developing and scanning your rolls of films, and you can also buy film and other merch from their website.

Storybooks by Talking Print

Perfect for anyone - not just photographers - is the Storybook by Talking Print.

The Storybook allows you to upload videos and images to the device to share with loved ones or even be used as a digital portfolio.

Storybooks by Talking print are the perfect gift idea for your loved ones or for professionals.

Martin Parr Collectibles

Fans of Martin Parr can have the Christmas of a lifetime with the range of books, prints, and merch the Martin Parr Foundation has to offer.

Great examples of what Martin Parr has to offer includes: a beach ball, umbrella, postcards, a colouring book of his work - including stickers, a range of tote bags, and a pair of socks made in collaboration with Socksial Club, and much more.

Any Martin Parr fan would be lucky to have a friend buy them one of these items.

Comedy Calendar

The Comedy Wildlife and Comedy Pet Photo Awards release a yearly calendars full of their funniest entries.

If your friend loves the comedy photo awards, consider getting them the 2022 calendar - and maybe even their photography books!

Better yet, 10% of sales goes to the awards chosen charities, this year being Save Wild Orangutans and Animals Support Angels.

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