Overcoming Photographers Block this Summer

We've all been hit with a lack of inspiration, with a lot of us just not feeling up to picking up the camera - especially during the countless lockdowns.

Sometimes, it's not easy to shake that feeling but there are plenty of ways to get back into photography - here's a few ideas.

365 Day Project

Capturing a photo every day of the year, and deciding the theme yourself can help build up your photography portfolio when there's nothing else you feel like photographing.

A daily photo session with your furry friend or picking a totally different thing to photograph daily can help getting the creative juices flowing and that camera clicking daily.

52 Week Project

We've spoken about 52Frames before and we'll speak about them again.

They're great not just for the weekly photo challenges, but they also have a great community on social media for feedback and help with inspiration.


Forgetting about time sensitive shoots, pick a theme on go with it. For example, pick a colour and make a triptych or a huge gallery of photos.


Find a model - or your pet - and photograph their emotions.

A photo with great emotion is a great photo - and directing people to show different emotions can be a fun photo session for both model and photographer.

Get out and shoot

Sometimes the creative juices flow naturally once you get outside with your fully charged camera, SD card at the ready.

Photograph nature, photograph people on the street and feel the creativity come to you as you see your SD card filling up and what your next shot could be.

Even better, go somewhere new.

Maybe you're just bored of photographing the same streets, the same people, the same buildings, the same trees over and over again.

Go for a day trip to a city or the beach or the countryside or just walk in a random direction and see where you end up!

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