Overall Winner of the Comedy Pets Photo Awards Announced

The Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021 winners have been announced last week (December 7), and they are hilariously brilliant.

The competition, which aims to raise awareness of animal welfare an raise money for their UK charity partner Animal Support Angels, announced that their overall winner of 2021 is Zoe Ross with her photo entitled "Whizz Pop!"

Elated winner, Zoe Ross, said: "We never ever though that we would win but entered the competition because we loved the idea of helping a charity just by sending in a funny photo of Pepper.

"She is such a little monkey, and very proud of herself, bringing in items from the garden and parading past until you notice her. She is the happiest puppy we've ever known and completely loved to pieces."

The seven month old puppy - winning photo was taken at nine weeks old - is the newest member of the Ross family, originally introduced as a play buddy for Dolly, the family's other dog, to help her with her separation anxiety.

Pepper is a black labrador, and was a clear favourite with the judges for the overall winner. At just nine weeks old, Pepper was already a star.

Zoe will be given a more-than-generous goodie bag, a bespoke trophy, official certificate, and a whopping £2000 cash prize.

Category winners include:

The cat category winner is Kathryn Trott with her image feline brothers Jeff and Jaffa, "Photobomb".

Kathryn Trott, "Photobomb", CPPA2021

Carmen Cromer is the winner of the dog category with her stunning photo of Clementine the Golden Retreiver, "Jurassic Bark".

Carmen Cromer, "Jurassic Bark", CPPA2021

The winner of the Horse category is Mary Ellis with her photo, "I said 'Good Morning'", depicting a horse at the stables greeting her one morning.

Mary Ellis, "I Said 'Good Morning'", CPPA2021

Sophie Bonnefoi deservedly won the All Other Creatures category with this amazing photo of Cutie and Speedy, two chicks discovering their own shadows, "The Eureka Moment!"

Sophie Bonnefoi, "The Eureka Moment", CPPA2021

Suzi Lonergan snagged the win for the Junior Category with this hilarious image of her dog Beau obediently sitting on command, "Sit".

Suzi Lonergan, "Sit", CPPA2021

Finally, the Pets Who Look Like Their Owners category winner was Jakub Gojda, with his photo "... That Was a Good One", showing his ex-girlfriend with her beloved mare as he shakes away a fly on his nose.

For more information, go to the Comedy Pet Photo website.

Don't forget to support Animal Support Angels and Animal Friends Insurance.

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