Our top photobooks of 2021

I have gotten a little bit obsessed with buying photography books recently - with The Photography Show and Books on Photography Fair - and there is no end to my Amazon wish list now.

I've decided to embrace my love of photo books this new year and celebrate 2022 with some of my favourite books that I think are a must-have for photographers.

We have a list of some amazing books to come out in 2021.

Let us know what your favourite photobooks are!

10. Magnum Dogs (March)

Released March 25, Magnum Dogs is the ultimate photographic canine collection, perfect for dog lovers and pet photographers.

Divided into five chapters: Streetwise, Best in Show, At the Beach, Behind the Scenes, and It's a Dog's Life, the book contains 180 photos of dogs across the globe.

Buy now for £8.15

9. How Wildlife Photography Became Art: 55 years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year (September)

Discover 55 years of amazing wildlife photography with the latest Wildlife Photographer of the Year book.

'Images that have the power to affect how we feel about the natural world and therefore how we treat it. It's a collection that will make you think.' - Sir David Attenborough

For £24.99, this handsome book from The Natural History Museum could be all yours.

8. Aloft: Canadian Rockies Aerial Photography (April)

The perfect book for aerial photographers as well as anyone living in Canada.

This book explores the most photographed mountains in the world from a unique birds-eye view.

If you love aerial photography, or the Canadian Rockies, this book is for you.

With 'vast glaciers to winding rivers, animal overpasses to lakes that look like brilliant spills of turquoise paint on the landscape', this book is a must-have for pretty much any photographer.

Buy this book today for less than £20 - you won't regret it!

7. Franziska Klose: Detroit: Field Notes from a Wild City (March)

Released on March 1, Detroit: Field Notes from a Wild City represents the social and natural history of Detroit from the perspective of German photographer, Franziska Klose.

Published by Spector Books, this photobook is full of photos and text depicting the deindustrialised and overgrown city known as Detroit.

"What was once celebrated as the "Motor City" is now described by the media using slogans such as "ruin porn" and "future city." Snapshots of vacant land and overgrown lots highlight the structure of contemporary Detroit, which remains a manifestation of social inequality, despite all the conjurations of an imminent economic boom."

For less than £30, this book could have a place on your shelves.

6. Odd Apples (September)

Seriously, who doesn't want a book full of weirdly shaped apples? Need I say more?

Published in early September, Odd Apples by William Mullan explores the individual charm of a vast range of apples, capturing them with elegant portrait photography.

From juicy to rotten to apples that don't even look like apples, this book truly has it all.

For £17, why wouldn't you own a book full off odd apples?

5. National Portrait Gallery: Hold Still (May)

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and this book from the National Portrait Gallery captures it all, from nurses in masks, to children painting rainbows.

With 100 photos taken from numerous photographers between May and June, the book focuses on three key themes: Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal, and Acts of Kindness.

There's also an introduction from the Duchess of Cambridge inside.

For less than £18, you can own a book full of amazing photos from a not-so-amazing year. Trust me when I say, you'll want this book.

4. Lee Friedlander: The People's Pictures (October)

"The democracy of the image in the social landscape."

With photos spanning six decades, Lee Friendlander’s book portrays the way people interact in the world through the most democratic of mediums - photography.

The book contains images from the United States, parts of Western Europe, and Asia.

For £50, this book depicting Friedlander’s view of society could be all yours.

3. Sue Kwon: RAP IS RISEN (November)

“Sue Kwon’s undeniable hip-hop résumé should be bowed down to! Sue is definitely one of the greats in visually capturing a culture.” -Posdnuos of De La Soul For less than £50, this collection of photos from 1988-2008, could be yours to own forever.

2. Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland (November)

Annie Leibovitz will always be a huge photography icon for me, and this book is definitely on my wish list. ‘Looking back at my work, I see that fashion has always been there,’ Annie Leibovitz observes in the preface to Wonderland.

1. Heidi Alexander: The Stockport Collection (June)

This is the first and only book produced by Heidi Alexander, and dates back to 1976. This book was a hit before it was even in the making, with people amazed and touched to find images from a long-forgotten past, to see their relatives captured on a roll of film. Heidi’s book is one to remember, and a must-have for the shelves.

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