Nine Photography Accessories for under £10

Photography is an expensive hobby or career, whether you're paying for photo editing subscriptions, buying a roll of film, or investing in a new lens.

Nevertheless, you don't have to be looking for pennies behind the sofa before every purchase.

There is no limit to what you can find online, and there are plenty of options for people on a budget.

Here, we have nine great photography products and accessories for £10 or less.

1. Camera Buddies Shutter Hugger

The camera buddies shutter hugger is the perfect accessory for photographers who specialise in photographing young children.

The colourful knitted buddies grab the kids attention, allowing you to get great photos of children looking at the camera.

For £8.99, this accessory could change your photography for the better.

2. Adjustable Camera Strap

This beautiful camera strap looks great on any camera.

Not only does this strap add a lovely pop of colour, it's strong and will help you feel like your camera is secure on your photo trips.

For less than £6, this high quality strap could be yours.

3. Ilford Black and White Film

Film rolls are expensive but an absolute essential for film photographers.

On Amazon, you can buy a roll of Ilford black and white 35mm film for £8.49.

Another alternative is the Foma Fomapan roll of film for £7.99.

4. Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

All camera owners need to keep their cameras nice and clean.

Keep your camera in tip-top shape with a cleaning kit.

With this professional cleaning kit for less than £10, your camera will be spotless and fully functional.

5. Instax Mini Magnets

Instax Mini users will love these easy stick magnets.

With these magnets, you can put your favourite snaps on your fridge to see every day!

£9.99 for plain magnets or £6.99 for pastel borders, how can you resist?

6. Ring Light

This 10" ring light by Kibtoy is a cool little gadget that can be used as a make up light or for taking fun photographs.

For £5.75 (down from £9.60), this ring light has three normal light modes and 12 light effects.

The ring light also comes with a tripod stand and phone holder, making £5.75 an amazing offer.

7. Lens Adapter Rings

These high strength, impact resistance step up rings allow you to use filters and accessories that are not the same size as your cameras lens.

For £5.99 (down from £9.99), you receive a pack of seven different sized rings.

Lens adapter rings are perfect for fitting bigger filters onto your smaller lenses.

8. Booth Props

Booth props are a great tool for fun, relaxed portrait shoots.

For £6.99, you can get these Hawaii-themed photo booth props that are perfect for Summer photos.

The thing that makes booth props so amazing, is that there are packs for every occasion, from Summer parties, to Halloween festivities, to engagement celebrations, and more.

9. Umbrella Clamp

For £9, photographers can keep their equipment dry with this umbrella clamp.

Simply attach both your tripod and umbrella to either side of the clip and enjoy your photo sessions, no matter the weather.

This umbrella clamp will be a life saver during shoots.

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