My Favourite Photography Bag

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

One of the most important pieces of photography gear a photographer could own is undoubtedly the camera bag. Many photographers spend good money on their high-quality cameras, so it’s only natural to purchase an equally great camera bag to protect their investment.

I have recently been gifted a new backpack that is ideal for storing cameras, with its own insert bag for cameras, lenses, and small safety pockets for SD cards.

The build quality seems high and it is comfortable to carry as the straps and back are padded.

However, this bag isn’t just perfect for carrying your camera with ease. It also comes with quick release straps perfect for securing your tripod or monopod, a laptop compartment, and a built-in rain cover sealed in the bottom of the bag.

From a photographer’s point of view, an amazing feature of this minimalist design bag is the fact that it just does not look like an ordinary camera bag. No more looking like a travelling tourist and it’s no longer obvious that I’m carrying expensive equipment.

This bag brought to us by Koolertron, a brand dedicated to providing the best products such as photography gear, may seem quite expensive at just over £40 but it really is worth every penny.

I really couldn’t ask for more in a camera bag.

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