My Favourite Photobooks (Best of photography)

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I've only been collecting photobooks for a short while and I don't have many yet.

I do plan on growing my collection with books from Martin Parr, Petra Collins, Lee Miller, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and more as soon as possible.

Here are my top eight photographers and photobooks (in no particular order, of course).

8. Dougie Wallace - Harrodsburg

When I started my photographic journey in 2017, Dougie Wallace was one of the first photographers I fell in love with after watching a documentary about him and his daring approach to photography.

The documentary was filmed whilst he was creating his photobook, Harrodsburg.

7. Petra Collins - Coming of Age

This amazing Canadian photographer has an amazing photobook dedicated to the 'experience of female adolescence'.

Petra has said that the photo series came to fruition after having a childhood with a lack of images of 'women positioned as anything but a sexual object.'

The photobook has been described as 'an ode to girlhood, innocence, sexuality and liberation, Collin's photos are at times exciting, at others moody and typically vibrant in colour' by Issue Magazine.

6. Martin Parr - The Last Resort

Martin Parr was undoubtedly my first love when I entered the world of photography, especially after visiting the Martin Parr resort and getting a signed copy of one of his books back in 2018.

Martin Parr's 'The Last Report' is one of my all time favourite photo books, with people seeing it as the finest achievement to date of colour photography in Britain when it was first published in 1986.

5. Comedy Wildlife Photobooks - all of them obviously

I adore seeing the winners and shortlists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and I love flicking through the pages of their photobooks and hope their fourth edition is announced very soon!

The best of each competition are printed in these books, with three of them out so far - and hopefully a fourth on the way.

They are hilarious books I'm glad I own.

4. Sally Mann - What Remains

'What Remains' is one of the first photography books I picked up in college, and whilst it is definitely out of my budget, it will always be one of my favourite photobooks for being so memorable to me.

It's a bit of a controversial book, with it consisting of death and decay, but it's still a great photography book - and Sally Mann is an amazing photographer.

3. Elke Vogelsang - Nice Nosing You

With ridiculously cute dogs, how can you not make a photobook full of pictures of them?

Pet photographer, Elke Vogelsang, published a book featuring her three furry friends and her stunning photos of them.

The 2015 book is a must-have for your shelves, full of adorable photos.

2. Gerrard Gethings - Do You Look Like Your Dog?

'Do You Look Like Your Dog' is not only an interesting book but an amusing photo memory game to match the furry friends with their human lookalikes!

It's a lovely small book that will easily fit into your bookshelf.

Amazing photographer, Gerrard Gethings also has a cat/human memory game and a drag match game.

1. Joel Meyerowitz - How I Make Photographs

Beginning his career in the 1960s, Joel Meyerowitz is a living legend now in his 80s, so any book by him would be amazing to have on your shelf.

In the book, the legend himself teaches the reader 'how to use a camera to reclaim the streets as your own, why you need to watch the world always with a sense of possibility, how to set your subjects at ease, and the importance of being playful and of finding a lens that suits your personality.'

The book itself, by Masters of Photographer is the first in a 'landmark new series of photography books where key photographers lead you through all you need to know to understand how they take their amazing shots."

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