More Fun in the Sun

Summer is officially here and I've still not gotten my camera out for a fun summer shoot.

Let's take a look at some cool photography ideas perfect for Summer vacation, even with Covid restrictions.

Street or Documentary Photography (Beach Edition)

If you love photographing people in the street or photographing events, you can do this in a new beach setting.

People love to see photos of the beach and if you're go-to photography genre is street photography, choose the beach as the next location for a new project.

Go down to the beach with your family and your camera and have some fun finding some interesting people enjoying their holidays at the beach, mask or no mask.

Photo by Anna Shvets
Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa


Summer festivals, and even postponed Pride events will be a great opportunity to get the camera out. Festivals, carnivals, and parades will undoubtedly be different this year in a post-Covid life and it would be interesting the document that this Summer.

The excitement, the colours, the Ferris wheel at every event, make for amazing photos this Summer.

Photo by Wendy Wei
Garon Piceli

Summer Fashion

Head down to the beach with your camera and a model for some fashion portraits in a new location. Alternatively, you can do your fashion shoots at a summer event, in your garden, or of course in your studio. Anywhere, really.

Photo by Wesley Carvalho
Photo by Mikhail Nivol
Quang Anh Ha Nguyen

There's lots of things you can do this Summer with your camera.

Get out today and start shooting!

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