Martin Parr at Photo Swindon

The Martin Parr exhibition with Photo Swindon has come to an end and the Sanne De Wilde images will be up September 1 in GWR Park.

Whilst it was still up in GWR Park, I dragged my boyfriend all the way down to Swindon to see the twelve pictures photographed by Martin Parr and curated by Jennifer Berry.

Titled "Quirky World", the selection of images come from Parr's vast archive of photography, including photos from 'The Black Country' project, 'Whitby Goth Weekend 2014', and 'Pride in Bristol 2019.

The first post, explaining the exhibition and introducing Martin Parr, read a quote: "There are many aspects of Britain I like and many aspects I don't like.

"I am very attracted to the humour, the banter, the crazy things we all do, the character of the people.

"People are fantastically interesting. They are predictable yet unpredictable. They are eccentric.

"We live in a country where we are pretty bonkers and I like that."

Martin Parr is my absolute favourite photographer and seeing his photos in an exhibition for the first time was amazing.

If you're in Swindon this September, make sure you head down to one of the parks to see the last exhibition.

Sanne De Wilde's exhibition will start on September 1 in GWR Park, moving to Queens Park September 11, and ending in Town Garden September 21 to October 3.

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