Making Your Own Photobooks

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Making a Zine

You will need: colourful card, bone folder, long arm stapler, paper

Fold a piece of card in half with a bone folder. I chose a yellow piece of card for my cover to fit with the photographical theme of yellow lines on the road. Before folding the paper, the layout of the photographs need to be decided, whether they are printed or glued on to the paper. You need to choose how many photos will be used and how they will be displayed within the book: a photo every other page, a photo every page, two photos on one page, a photo spread over a double page, etc. After that is done, you will know how many pieces of paper you will need. Fold the paper in half, using the bone folder for neatness. Fold each paper separately. Staple the pages and card together with a long arm stapler. Then, if you haven’t already, decide the order of the photographs and stick them in.

Making a Booklet

You will need: A3 paper, bone folder, scalpel, Photoshop

Using a template in Photoshop to keep the photos all evenly laid out, create an A6 booklet and printed it off on A3 paper.

You then fold the paper until you have eight A6 sections (4x2). Using a scalpel, cut a slit in the paper in the middle across the two middle sections.

Fold the paper backwards across the same line and push the together to form a cross in the paper.

Fold the paper into a booklet, keeping the front cover on the front.

Making a Japanese Stab Binding Book

You will need: Paper, needle and thread, binder clip, ruler, pencil, awl (pin like tool)

Print off your images to be centre paged and print to whatever page size you desire. To keep the papers even, clip them together with a binder clip. Using your ruler and a pencil, mark four sewing stations. Using your awl, pierce the sewing stations all the way to the last page. Thread your needles and tie a knot at the end. To bind, begin at station two (back cover side). Pull your needle through the station and wrap your needle around the spine and back through station two. Wrap the needle around the side to front cover and go through station one. Then go through station two and then station three and station four. Wrap the thread arounf the spine and back through station four. Wrap around tail to front cover and go through the stations back the station two and tie the two thread ends together in a knot and cut the ends off.

Making an Accordian Photobook

You will need: Bone folder, scissors, ruler, scalpel, brush, book boards, book cloth, paper, glue.

Using your book board as a guide, cut the book cloth so that it measures one inch larger all around, Using your brush, glue the cloth and carefully place the board in the centre of the book clot, pressing down using the bone folder to ensure smoothness. Diagonally cut all four corners of the book with your scissors. Glue the long sides down first, using the bone folder to make sure it’s smooth and secure and that the corners aren’t sticking out. Glue the shorter edges down and repeat for the back cover. Fold one of the strips for paper in half and fold one edge backwards towards the initial fold. Flip the sheet over and fold the edge back towards the initial fold. Repeat this for your other strip(s) of paper so that they look like “M”’s. To connect the strips of paper, cut off one fold one of the papers, keeping two inches on the end, Glue the other piece of paper to the “hinge”. Glue the paper to your covers, using the bone folder to smooth it down and stick in your photos.

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