Making Photobooks: A Zine

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Last year, I made a magazine article on how to make four different types of photobooks; zine, japanese stab binder, an accordian photobook, and a booklet. This week, I'll be posting more in-depth tutorials for each one.

First up, the zine

This one's one of my favourite for being so easy.

You will need: A3/A4 paper, bone folder, scalpel, Photoshop, cutting board.

Now, you just need a Zine template

I'll be using this one that I found on Pinterest.

I recommend A4 or A3 size paper for this, depending on the size of the booklet you want. The book will be the size of the paper you used folded four times. I'll be using A4. I don't recommend using smaller.

Using the template, add your chosen photos to the page in the order you want them.

I'll be using landscape photos of my Black Lives Matter, with portrait photos on the front and back page.

You can delete the template after to remove the lines.

Once you've printed it - it can be tricky to get the lines perfect. I tend to cut off the side with a guillotine for easy results.

Fold the paper so you have eight sections, along the template lines if you kept them.

Placing, your paper on the cutting board, cut a slit in the paper in the middle across

the two middle sections, where photos one and two meet five and six. Fold the paper backwards across the same line and push them together to form a cross in the paper. Fold the paper into a booklet, keeping the front cover on the front.

And there you have it! You've made your zine photobook!

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