Lockdown Projects

Here in the United Kingdom, we've been thrown back into a third Lockdown, with this one similar to the first one back in March. The schools have moved to online teaching and the shops are shut, and we finished are jigsaw puzzles back in April, so what's left for us to do?

It's time to find a few photography projects so we don't fail our new year resolution of shooting more before January even ends.

Join 52 Frames

52Frames is a free photography community that gives photographers a weekly photo challenge with 2021 starting with a self-portraiture theme. Created by Yosef Adest, 52 Frames is a great way to make sure you pick up your camera weekly and even get some constructive criticism to help you become a better photographer.

30 Day Project

If you're looking for a smaller commitment, try a 30 day project - or a Lockdown-long project. Photograph the same thing every day for 30 days and see it's transformation from Day one to the final day, whether you photograph yourself or a family member, the contents of your fridge, or the weather. It's an easy, fun project that can provide interesting results.

A Day In The Life Of

Photograph everything you do. Made your bed in the morning? Photograph it. Had cereal for breakfast? Capture it! Did some exercise or walked your dog? You guessed it, take a photo!

ABC Project

The ABC project is whatever you make it. You can either photograph something that looks like letters of the alphabet, or something that starts with the letter of the alphabet. Alternatively, you could do a colour project, only photographing things of a certain colour.


We have lots of photography books lying around the house, from books on urbex photography, to the amazing Comedy Wildlife Photo Award books. Have a flick through some photo books - or even regular books or photography magazines (The New View, perhaps?) - and maybe even find some inspiration from them.

Whatever you do this Lockdown - hopefully our last Lockdown - stay safe, and stop panic buying loo roll (there’s enough for everyone).

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