Landscape Photographer of the Year

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The Landscape Photography of the Year (LPOTY) competition is open for submissions!

The competition, which celebrates the great British landscape opened up for entries on January 13, and will close April 14.

LPOTY wants people to remember that “you can enter images taken since 14 April 2016, so don’t worry if you can’t go out to photograph, have a dig through you’re memory cards!”

The competition organisers also wants to remind photographers to stay local and adhere to government guidelines if they do go out with their camera.

For the adult competition, judges will choose the single best image from all four categories. The winning photographer will be awarded “Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021” and £10,000.

Then the best images in each category, will be awarded £1000. Finally, second best images will be awarded £500.

For the youth competition, which is open to anyone who will still be under the age of 18 as of April 14 2021, the overall winner will become “Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021 and be awarded £1000. Then the best photos of each five categories will be sent a copy of the awards book.

The winner of the 2020 awards was Chris Frost for his photo of Woolland Woods in Dorset, making him the 13th person to hold the title of Landscape Photographer of the Year.

“The judges chose Chris’ stunningly beautiful composition from tens of thousands of entries celebrating the richly diverse landscape of the UK.”

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