Jessie Morgan

Content Warning: This article contains references to self-harm.

University graduate Jessie Morgan has always been labelled artistic despite finding most traditional art forms challenging. Luckily, Jessie found a creative outlet in photography.

"Finding the camera was a huge moment in discovering my medium and personal identity," Jessie reflects. "My passion for photography provided me with access to new worlds and a new way of communicating."

Jessie has a broad knowledge and experience of a variety of photographic genres - from documentary photography to shooting commercial - with a more recent work being based on mental health.

The photos entitled "Tiger Stripes" is a small series of photos shot in the bathtub that is meant to reflect Jessie's own personal mental health.

"Tiger stripes has been something I had been working to conceptualise for a long time, but lacked the maturity in my visual language to properly convey it."

Named after something a boyfriend said in secondary school regarding self-harm scars, Jessie plans to pursue and develop this photo project over 2021.

"Self-harm has been the main consistent aspect of my life for the past 12 years and I wanted to, not romanticise, but illustrate the effect that has had."

Jessie believes it's important to be open about mental health, saying that other people will feel safe to share their own experiences if we talk about our experiences.

In Jessie's family, poor mental health was seen as shameful which only led to a feeling of being unable to find help. Unfortunately, this is the case for a lot of other people, too, with the majority of people suffering from mental health problems waiting over a year before telling their closest family and friends.

The lack of conversation revolving around mental health also led to 60% of people with poor mental health reporting that the stigma surrounding the topic affected their relationships and 90% of people experiencing stigma.

"If photography and art can open conversations about subjects that sometimes we aren't able to use words to convey, then we are doing something right."

Jessie posted the Tiger Stripe photos on Instagram in November after having already graduated from Kingston School of Art with a BA in Photography.

Here are some of Jessie's other amazing photography work:

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