Is Mirrorless the Future?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

All the rage in today’s photography world is the battle between Mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras. With all the advantages and perks of a mirrorless camera from it’s thinner, lighter bodies to it’s super high-quality display, is mirrorless the future?

Olympus Pen-F

Those faithful to DSLR’s understand that mirrorless systems are up and coming but believe that they just aren’t quite there yet. Meanwhile, mirrorless fans believe that DSLRs are a dying breed. Mirrorless cameras have many more features, are smaller, and simple put - they are the future.

Whilst mirrorless cameras have the advantage of usually being lighter, more compact, and better for video; mirrorless cameras have a lack in access to lenses and accessories. On the other hand, DSLRs have a much vaster lens selection and an optical viewfinder that allows for better photographic outcomes in low light but they are much more complex and bulky.

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