Is Film Making a Comeback?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It’s no doubt that film photography is a dying art, with less and less places offering darkroom services.

However, just like vinyl, it could be making a comeback with people wanting that nostalgic feeling, or just wanting to get into a darkroom again.

Interest in film photography has definitely been growing over the past few years, indicating it’s more than just the latest trend.

A great example of thriving film is Leicester’s own Lo-Fi Photography company.

Starting up in 2011, Lo-Fi “embraces the traditional aspects of photography by using old film cameras, toy cameras, pin holes, alternative processes and darkroom printing.”

After a bit of moving about, Lo-Fi found it’s home towards the end of 2019, in the basement of the Methodist Church on Bishop Street.

“We run workshops on all things analogue including, darkroom, pinhole, sunprints, salt printing, cyanotypes, mordencage, polaroid lifts, and anything else we think is cool.”

When not in Lockdown, Lo-Fi hosts social gatherings several times a year, whether it be a pub gathering or an event around the country.

Film photography is unique, classy, and perfectly imperfect.

They allow you to see the world differently and are simple and even therapeutic.

Whether or not it is coming back permanently, film will forever be in our

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