Insta-Famous With Instagram

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

It's easier and easier to become famous online now with the inventions of Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Here are five tips to getting more followers and recognition with your photographs on Instagram.

Firstly, do what you love and stick to it. If there's a specific genre of photography, make your page predominantly about that - but don't forget to keep your own personal touch and unique style. If you enjoy Photoshop, make some creative images and share tips for your followers to learn Photoshop.

You'll get followers who are also interested in similar things if you use the right hashtags. As well as sticking to a theme, use popular hashtags and use a lot. We also recommend that you use a few uncommon hashtags so you'll definitely be seen. Only use hashtags that relate to your photo!

Post regular, high-quality content. It's important to post regularly to stay on people's Instagram feeds and a great post ensures likes and comments.

For more active followers, interact with them by replying to comments and make your own comments on other people's posts. Tell them they're doing a great job or give tips to make their work even better. Make sure you can accept criticism yourself, too!

Instagram can be a great tool to learn new tricks, meet fellow photographers, and get feedback on your work from fellow creatives.

If you make your account a business account, you can see the geographical locations of your followers and decide when the best posting time is. It's all about when your followers are most likely going to be online to see it. This can help you post regularly by setting up a time of day to post.

Promote your best, most engaging content and include your page links on your other social media, and a website if you have one. Make sure everyone can see that you have Instagram and are active. Get other accounts to promote your page. Collaborate with fellow creatives or brands to get your name out there.

Be aware of haters. No matter how many people love you or your content, there will always be people out there that don't.

Some people will voice that they don't like your content. That's okay. Some people will give constructive criticism and that's great! Some people will just hate what you do. That's okay, not everyone has to like your work. All that matters is you like your content and are proud of it. Don't get swept up in trying to please everyone else.

The most important thing is to have fun and post what you love.

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