Ideas for Halloween Photography

Halloween is nearly here and it's time to hang up the cobwebs, carve pumpkins, and stock up on unreasonable amounts of candy.

It's also time to get your camera ready for some creative and spooky photos.

Take a look at some of our ideas for some fun Halloween shots.

Pumpkins Part One

Of course, we have to start with Pumpkins. A great, simple shoot idea would be to photograph your family pumpkin picking!

Credit: Vlado Karpovich

Pumpkins Part Two

When you've picked the perfect pumpkins and gotten them home, the next step is to carve your pumpkins. Why not photograph the process?

Credit: Daisy Anderson

Get some Halloween decorations for the background and photograph your family and friends carving pumpkins and getting into the spooky spirit.

Pumpkins Part Three

Naturally, the next photo idea is your finished pumpkins on Halloween night.

Whether you put a candle inside or a smoke prop, you can create some amazing spooky photos with your carved pumpkins.

Credit: Kamil Rybarski

Halloween Treats

Whether you're having a Halloween party or just enjoy baking (or buying), you can get some great shots with creepy cookies and spine-chilling sweets.

Credit: Daisy Anderson
Credit: Daisy Anderson

A Bit of Photography Magic

Use your editing skills to make your kids look like they're really flying on their witch's broom or make those ghost-costumes look frighteningly real.

Credit: Elina Krima
Credit: Aidan Roof

Horror Make Up

Show of your make up skills (or your friends) with some cool, spine-chilling portraiture.

Credit: Dima Valkov
Credit: Vince Mariel Conlu
Credit: Nathan J Hilton

Horror Scenes

Create a terrifying story with your images by dressing people up as zombies and picture the world ravaged by the undead, or bring mythical creatures to life.

Credit: Cottonbro

Yes, we know this next one isn't a horror scene, but Halloween doesn't always have to leave us terrified. People can dress up however they want October 31st.

Credit: Alice Alinari

Trick or Treat

It's time to get the kids dressed up to knock on your neighbours doors for treats. Take your camera and photograph the memories, the spooky scene, and their cool costumes.

Credit: Charles Parker
Credit: Charles Parker
Credit: Jill Wellington
Credit: Charles Parker

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