Getting Creative With Toys

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Toy photography opens your eyes to a whole new world of photography that can be found inside your own home, and you don't even need kids to be able to do this. We're all children at heart and probably have some old toy lying around that you couldn't bare to get rid off or maybe you've invested in that £600 Millennium Falcon to build during Lockdown.

Amateur photographer, Mark Phillips, takes his children's toys and creates amazing photographs.

Mark hasn't been doing photography for very long - only starting out six months before the first Lockdown started - but quickly learned the basics through photography books and watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube.

In the summer of 2019, Mark decided he wanted to explore further into the world of photography and venture away from taking photos of his children. He took the "plunge" and invested in a Nikon D3500.

"I wanted to do it right so vowed never to use auto-mode ever". Instead, Mark purchased a photography book and read it cover-to-cover three times before putting his newly learned skills to the test.

"Before I knew it, I was hooked."

Mark believes toy photography has become a bit of an obsession for him and it was a fun change from photographing his kids.

Starting out as a photography theme to keep him occupied during Lockdown, Mark hopes to continue with his toy photography. "I have great fun with it and the kids give me inspiration so it's a win-win."

When setting up for a toy photoshoot, Mark says he is "very basic and simple". His regular photoshoot kit is a torch, a tripod, and either his kit lens or a macro lens for Lego shots. Occasionally he will print out a background. When he's got his kit, he's ready to shoot.

"With a tripod, it doesn't matter about shutter speed so I shoot in aperture priority and stop down to about f/11 to get the subject sharp enough to my needs."

However, Mark does hope to continue exploring the world of photography and upgrading to a full-frame camera to explore portraiture photography. "I want to try my hand at composite images using my my kids as subjects. I've already done a few lockdown inspired images."

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