Fujifilm x Nintendo Switch: Print your Pokémon Snaps with the Instax Mini Link

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Nintendo Switch users will be excited to hear that a new app for the Instax Mini Link will be arriving soon just to print Nintendo screenshots!

The app, which is set for release April 30, will be called Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch.

The app will allow Instax Mini Link users to print off their Nintendo Switch screenshots onto Instax Mini Film.

The app comes out the same day as the release of long-awaited New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch.

So not only will gamers be able to capture screenshots of their favourite Pokémon - or Animal Crossing villagers - there'll also be able to print off their favourite snaps from the game.

The pre-existing Mini Link printer - which has four different colour options - is now available to buy in colour 'Ash White (Red and Blue)' with an adorable Pikachu case, perfect for Pokémon snappers.

The Instax Mini Link came out in 2019 for people to print off their beloved memories from their phone onto Instax Mini Print paper.

Originally only available in pink, grey, and blue, the Instax Mini Link also has a fourth special edition colour which can be pre-ordered for a June release in the UK

The Pikachu-design silicone case is only available with this special edition "Ash White (blue and red) printer.

The apps special features will include: three different character designs for app layout (New Pokemon Snap, Super Mario, or Animal Crossing: New Horizons), wireless printing, and a variety of frames for your prints!

You can pre-order the New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch game here.

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