Frozen Bubbles

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Blowing bubbles is no longer just a Summer past time for children but also a creative photoshoot idea.

With frozen bubble photography, photographers can take some pretty awesome photos, provided you're working in the right temperature!

Wildlife researcher and photographer, Victoria Hillman taught herself how to perfect this style of photography after a friend came up with an idea to keep her busy during winter.

"Many years ago, a late friend of mine suggested I tried the frozen bubbles if it got cold enough as a way to keep my eye in with my photography," Victoria recalls.

As a wildlife photographer, Victoria didn’t pick her camera up much during the winter months. Now, with her bubble photography, she has something to do.

It can be quite a difficult photoshoot to master but Victoria eventually learned how to recognise the perfect weather condition.

"It has to be cold, very cold, and the colder the better. The air temperature needs to be at least -five degrees Celsius but it also needs to be still - wind will cause the bubbles to blow away or burst."

Using standard bubble blowing mix, Victoria carefully blows her bubble onto a frozen surface and waits for it to freeze. This should only take a few seconds.

"Some of my best images have been shot at -eight degrees Celsius."

Now, to take the perfect photo, Victoria strongly recommends using a macro lens for maximum ice feather detail. Victoria also uses a tripod for support and uses a live view to compose her shot and manually focus.

"It takes a lot of practice and patience to achieve the images but well worth the effort."

Victoria had to practice a lot to get the photos she produces today, so don't fear if you can't achieve perfection first time around.

"It's taken me several years to perfect the techniques and to know when the conditions are perfect for not only the bubbles to form but also to achieve the detail and light."

Victoria continues to photograph frozen bubbles when the temperature allows.

You can follow Victoria's photographic journey and buy her prints on her website, or follow her on social media:




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