Even Covid-19 Can't Bring Santa Down

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

With Covid-19 threatening to ruin our Christmas holidays, Californian photographer, Sandi Petersen, has taken it upon herself to give young children back the spirit of Christmas.

Sandi, who lives in Fortuna, California usually photographs families, newborns, kids, maternity, and senior photoshoots. However, this Christmas Sandi decided that the children of Fortuna deserved a little pick-me-up this Christmas and began offering her Photoshop services for free.

After purchasing a pack of Santa templates from LSP actions, Sandi planned to gift her clients with the photos. "One of my clients asked that I Photoshop in her daughter's letter to Santa, as she was fearful Santa would not get it due to Covid. I did it and realised it might be a cool thing to offer to clients and then I opened it up to everyone."

Shortly after allowing families to send scanned or photographed images of the letters, a local family put out a mailbox on a street in Eureka, California for children to pop their letter into, giving children an extra feeling of Christmas spirit.

According to KymKemp.com, a woman named Traci Day is the genius behind the mail box, and she believes it brings a little extra magic for kids. Traci also told Kym Kemp: "We have a large Light display and a North Pole mail box. Kids are dropping off their letters and we are forwarding them to Sandi so she can create her magic…Mailing the pics creates even more magic."

Sandi then receives the digital images of the letters.

Sandi wants to keep her Photoshop offer to just local kids. "I work a full time job on top of running my studio so I don't think I could handle more than my area." She has been running her photography business since 2016, but has been a photography for 14 years, after getting her first "big girl" camera in 2006.

Sandi has received a lot of positive, and even emotional, reactions. "The kids and parents have been very excited and at times, a bit tearful. Covid has completely demolished the Christmas spirit for many people this year."

While she doesn't believe she's doing anything particularly "remarkable" she's more than happy to help families in this difficult time.

"2020 has completely sucked and lots of people are without jobs and money is tight right before Christmas. If I can help out and bring a little spirit, then I want to do it."

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