Don't Scrimp On Your Wedding Photography

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the capturing of that memory should never be taken lightly. You need a professional wedding photographer, not a friend of a friend who’s only qualification is that they own a camera.

A professional photographer, whilst costs more money than this friend of a friend, uses high quality equipment and their experience in documenting people’s special day to capture even the smallest details of the day.

While the friend of a friend may be prepared technically, they may not have the experience required to tell the story that is your wedding day.

Paul Chilton, now retired, started his own photography business at age 51 and worked professionally for 10 years, doing a maximum of ten wedding per year, due to the difficulty of wedding photography.

“I could buy a guitar the same as Eric Clapton - a brilliant rock god guitarist in the 60s - but can I play it? It’s the same with a camera. If you stick it on auto, you’ll never get the pictures you want.

“When I was working professionally, I used to limit myself to ten weddings a year because they’re quite difficult.

“Weddings are not easy.”

It is also a good idea to get to know your photographer beforehand and develop a professional, trusting relationship with them. Make sure that your photographer knows exactly what you expect from these photos.

“I’d probably meet the couple at a wedding fayre and they’d ask how much I’d charge,” says Paul Chilton, who began his journey into photography at just aged seven, working in a small darkroom with his father.

“I’m quite happy, free of charge, to come to their house and talk about what they want in terms of a look. I want them to have the best pictures I can get that they want.”

Professional wedding photographer based in Nuneaton, Robert Tysall of Tysall Photography says: “I understand that life is hard and people try to get the best deal that they can. But I have heard of many horror stories where their precious photographs are lost due to unfortunate circumstances or the incompetence of the photographer.

“There is more to this kind of photography than just clicking the camera.”

If you’re planning your special day already, contact your local professional photographers or maybe even visit a wedding fayre to scope out your options.

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