Don McCullin at The Tate Liverpool

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

With more than 200 photos to see, the Don McCullin exhibition at the Tate Liverpool is worth every penny.

£13 full price, £5 for Tate Collective (age 16-15) members, or free to Tate members, the exhibition will still be up until September 5.

Don McCullin © Tate Liverpool (Roger Sinek)

The exhibition, which was originally on from September 16 2020 until May 9 2021, was extended to September 2021.

Communications Assistant of the Tate Liverpool, Farhana Khan, said: "The McCullin show was extended as we didn't want our audiences to miss out because of Covid.

"It originally opened September 2020 with the view to end in May 2021, however various lockdowns from November right through to the Spring would have cut the actual time in which our visitors could come and see the exhibition months short.

"Therefore we decided to extend the show to September this year to make up for the loss in months."

Don McCullin at the Tate Liverpool © Jade Burrell

Farhana also says that whilst she doesn't know when the next photographic exhibition will be at the Tate Liverpool, they "certainly aren't ruling it out" as this exhibition has been a great success.

Starting his photographic career in 1958 when he'd photograph his surroundings and local community in London - including his now infamous photo The Guvnors in their Sunday Suits, Finsbury Park, London - Don McCullin is now a legendary British photographer.

Don McCullin Liverpool c. 1970 © Don McCullin Don McCullin Consett, County Durham 1976 © Don McCullin Don McCullin American Troops Looking across the Wall, Berlin 1961 © Don McCullin Don McCullin The Guvnors in their Sunday Suits, Finsbury Park, London 1958 © Don McCullin

The photojournalist and war correspondent still photographs in his 80's, with some of his latest work being his book Southern Frontiers, which consists of amazing landscapes.

Landscape photography became a huge focus for McCullin in the 1980's after "a lifetime of war".

Even more recently, in 2020, McCullin received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Centre of Photography.

During his career, McCullin was arrested in Uganda, shot in Cambodia, expelled from Vietnam, had a bounty on his head in Lebanon, and was face to face with bombs and bullets during several wars.

However, his photography also led him to the Amazon rainforest, Germany whilst the Berlin Wall was being built, and his war photos made it into several publications including the Observer, the Telegraph, the Illustrated London News, and the Sunday Times Magazine.

If you're in Liverpool this month, make sure you head to the Tate to see this amazing exhibition and buy some of his books from the gift shop, including Shaped By War and the Tate's own exhibition book featuring work from the mid 1950s to present day.


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