Conceptual photographer Simon McCheung to speak at The Photography Show

Reaching out to The Photography Show himself, Simon McCheung bagged himself a spot at this year's event as a speaker.

The self-taught conceptual photographer from the UK, said: "I saw a friend (Laura Zalenga) who held a talk on stage for 'Behind the Lens' and it inspired me to share my processes and demonstrate how fine art photography can be accomplished by anyone."

Simon had previously been part of a guest line up for a podcast at the event a few years prior for the Pro EDU Photography Podcast.

This year, on Saturday 18, Simon will be hosting his own talk session to speak about fine art photography.

"Fine art (conceptual) has been a bit of a niche genre within the many areas of photography where I find most photographers don't really see this as something to consider getting involved in.

"I know it can be a scary field to get into and since I have been doing fine art photography for over 8 years now, I wanted to share my experiences and hope to inspire many more people to give it a go."

Make sure to book your tickets for The Photography Show, and if you're interested in learning about fine art photography, make sure not to miss Simon's talk on Saturday 18 at 2pm.

"Everyone is a storyteller to some degree... whether it's recalling a past memory or an anecdote, Fine Art photography can share those stories for you that's beyond word of mouth."

We can't wait for The Photography Show!

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