Christmas Photography Inspiration

The countdown to Christmas is almost here and I'm super excited to start taking festive photos!

Here's some fun ideas for Christmas photography.

Christmas Lights

Credit: Maurício Mascaro

You'd be silly not to take a photo of your Christmas tree, either in your home or the one in your town/city.

Why not play with exposure for some cool lighting effects or make your own tree with a slow shutter speed and a torch?

Credit: Vladislav Murashko

Christmas Portraits

Credit: Rodnae Productions

Dress up your models in tinsel and ugly Christmas jumpers for a festive portrait photoshoot!

Make a family Christmas card photo or just have some fun with some Christmas photobooth props and friends.

Presents Arranged Neatly

Credit: Marko Claric

Wrap up your presents in some pretty wrapping paper, and arrange them in an appealing way for your perfect Christmas shot.

Credit: Olya Kobruseva

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