Christmas Classes With Nikon

The perfect opportunity for a free photography class is here this Christmas!

Nikon’s Christmas gift to you is free access to all of their online classes from November 23rd through to December 31st.

After a successful April, offering photographers the same freebie during the beginning of Lockdown, Nikon plans to see this strange year out with their free classes.

All you need to do to access these free education classes by top professional photographers is sign up for an account with your name and email address. It is that simple to get your hands on what would usually be £10 to £40 payments per class for free.

Nikon invites photographers to “come by for ideas, insider tips, and the technical advice to help you get your best holiday shots every - the more the merrier!”

“The holidays are for making memories, and Nikon is meant for capturing them.”

Sign up now for 10 original classes and a new course perfect for the holidays: “Better Holiday Photos with Nikon Ambassador.”

Click here for their online classes!

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