Beneath The Fur - The husband and wife duo who fell head over paws for pet photography

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Husband and wife duo, Daren and Man, spend their time creating memories for pet owners through the medium of photography with their business Beneath The Fur.

The dream team started up their business with a love of dogs and a goal to meet all the different breeds.

Daren begun his photographic journey ten years ago with his dad's film camera, eventually exploring food, product, corporate portraits, and event photography, before falling in love with pet photography.

Hunter the Havanese ©BENEATH THE FUR

"Pet photography came very naturally for us as we wanted to start something that we both love and are passionate about," Daren says.

Shooting in a small warehouse studio with a coloured backdrop, the Beneath The Fur photo team use a small table for the pets, and a single strobe light with an octagonal soft box and several reflectors when shooting.

Daren acknowledges that it can be difficult to keep a pets' attention, the most difficult part of the job is when owners don't know their four-legged friends well enough.

"Sometimes it does require a little creativity to capture their attention."

Daren says they experiment with treats, squeaky toys, making weird noises, knocking on the door, and even playing YouTube videos of animal sounds to get a furry friend's attention.

Vader the French Bulldog ©BENEATH THE FUR

Although it can be difficult to hold the attention of a stranger's fluffy companion, Daren loves capturing stunning photos for owners to hang on their wall.

"The best thing has been creating memories for owners. We are very heartened when owners print and frame up photos of their pets. And, of course, hanging out with different breeds of dogs."

Daren recommends that budding pet photographers keep calm and maintain a positive energy during shoots as pets can sense your emotions. He also advises that photographers should allow pet models to have breaks during the shoot.

Hunter the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ©BENEATH THE FUR

"They do lose focus and get tired as well. Be patient and you will get the winning shot."

Daren hopes that the future of Beneath The Fur will expand beyond dog and cat photography.

"If we have the chance, we would love to travel overseas to meet and take photos of owners and their pets. From this passion project, we dream that this would evolve into something meaningful where we can bring pet communities together."

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These amazing, unbelievably cute photos are taken using a Canon EOS R 24-70 2.8

Diamond the Goldendoodle ©BENEATH THE FUR
Rollie the Pomeranian ©BENEATH THE FUR
Monte the Dalmatian ©BENEATH THE FUR
Beefe the British Bulldog ©BENEATH THE FUR
Scottish Terriers ©BENEATH THE FUR
Blue the British Short Hair Munchkin ©BENEATH THE FUR
Nugget the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ©BENEATH THE FUR
Simba the Chow Chow ©BENEATH THE FUR
Lulu the French Bulldog ©BENEATH THE FUR
Hunter the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ©BENEATH THE FUR
Pablo the Miniature Bull Terrier ©BENEATH THE FUR
Monday the Shar Pei ©BENEATH THE FUR
Oreo the Alaskan Klee Kai ©BENEATH THE FUR
Falco the Saluki ©BENEATH THE FUR
Lucy the Mini Dachshund and Lady the Mongrel ©BENEATH THE FUR

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