Back to the 70's with Kodak's Metal Film Case.

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

In 1988, Nikon released the first commercial DSLR camera and the photography world changed forever. Now, as we reach the end of 2020, Kodak wants to transport us back half a century with the release of their 70's inspired metal film case.

This nostalgic tin, that comes in six different colours, allows you to truly immerse yourself into the world of film photography.

The metal cannisters are emblazoned with the iconic Kodak brand logo and comes in red, blue, yellow, silver, black, and white.

The cases are described as "an essential piece to every film lover to preserve and organise film rolls.

"The portable steel case organises five rolls of 135mm film, and segregates them neatly by an inner case."

The inspiration for these cannisters comes from Kodak's film packaging from the 1970's. Originally made of aluminium and the cap made of steel, the package was later swapped for grey-top plastic containers. "The cannisters were painted in colours and carried lots of joyful memories. It was indeed a big part of the film photography history,"

Kodak aims to recreate these tins in a more practical and stylish fashion. You can buy them here.

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